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Why Men Use

The Chapar


We take the hassle out of shopping by selecting the best outfits for you and sending them right to your door.


Dressing for work, night-outs, weddings, parties and other events can be challenging and stressful. The advice of our team guarantees that our customers always get it right.


As you grow your style needs to follow along. Our stylists will guide you through these transitions and make sure what you are wearing matches where you are in life.


Our team of stylists have years of experience dressing and styling men just like you. Real style is in the details and it takes an expert to know how to get the best out of every outfit.

What You Get

  • Onboarding Style Consultation
  • Personal Colour Profiling & Style Palette
  • Body Type Analysis
  • Wardrobe Assessment
  • Personal Style Profile Report
  • Hand-Picked Selection of Outfits Sent to You
  • £250 Credit to use on your First Order
  • Free Concierge Tailoring on First Order
  • Free Concierge Delivery & Return on First Order

The best brands, handpicked specifically for you and delivered straight to your door to try before you buy.


*Includes £250 of Credit to use on your first order
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Onboarding Style Consultation

A dedicated 45 minute session delivered via Zoom for your stylist to advise, demonstrate and answer your questions.

Your stylist will go through the preparation & analysis they have done on your personal characteristics and take you step by step through what works specifically for you and what doesn't.

A recording of your consultation will be uploaded into your account so you can refer back to it at any point in the future.

Body Type Analysis

The fit of your clothes has possibly the biggest impact on whether you look like James Bond or Chandler Bing, put Bond's suits on a different shaped actor and of course they will look completely different.

Your stylist will carry out a personalised analysis of your measurements and dimensions to advise styles and outfits that you should wear, and what to avoid.

Personal Colour Profile

Your colour profile determines which kind of colours compliment your natural features such as your hair and skin colour. Many men make the mistake of wearing colours that, at best, don't compliment them and, at worst, clash with their features and therefore make them look .

Your stylist will profile you and determine your natural palette to identify complimentary colours which your clothing should match.

Personal Style Profile Report

All the advice from your consultation along with your body type analysis and personal colour profile will be dropped in to your personal style profile PDF which will be uploaded in to your account for you to refer to at any time.

Hand-Picked Selection of Outfits Sent to You

Your stylist will combine the results of your analysis and consultation to create bespoke outfits ideal for you. The outfits will get packed in our Premium Chapar Trunk and delivered to your door.

Free Delivery & Concierge Return on First Trunk

Your first collection will be delivered and returned for free. Our concierge collection upgrade means you let us know when is convenient and we will send a courier directly to you saving the hassle of a trip to the Post Office.

Free Concierge Tailoring on First Order

Let us take care of any amendments required on your first order, just follow the instructions contained in the trunk and we'll do the rest. Your perfectly tailored items will be delivered back to you within a couple of days.

£250 Credit on Your First Trunk

The full amount charged is added to your account as credit and deducted from your future purchases with us, so you essentially get all of the above for free!

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